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Windigo Army is a loosely organized indigenous street art/Activist collective started by a small group of friends from Mnjikaning Rama First Nation.

We regularly travel to different cities and reservations to assist with native rights and Land Back events/movements.

We use our art to connect with our cultural heritage and spread awareness of issues facing indigenous people of turtle island, both current and historic.



To reconnect with the ancient rock painters of turtle island by continuing the tradition of using our art as a tool to tell our peoples story as we see it, as they once did 1000s of years ago.



How do you determine painting prices?

A: Paintings are currently priced at  $2.00 per square inch for most works, and $2.75 per square inch for "Masters" and $35.00 per square foot for murals.

How does shipping work?

A: Most orders are processed and shipped the next business day but larger paintings may take 2-4 days to ship, all orders will receive a tracking number by email once sent.

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